Welcome to our website. We appreciate your interest in our Japanese Akitas. We are Jim and Carol Sjoberg, and we live in the country about an hour south of Dallas, Texas. We purchased our first American Akita in 1985 and have had Akitas ever since. We first saw a Japanese Akita in 1992 and from that moment on we decided that they were the breed for us. Jim went to Japan in 1997 for an AKIHO Headquarters Show and was mesmerized by the beauty of the Japanese Akita. In 2001 we and six other Japanese Akita fanciers from the United States were invited to Tokyo by the Japan Kennel Club to participate in a Japanese Akita judges’ seminar – along with Japanese Akita judges from all over the world. It was a valuable learning experience which greatly added to our knowledge of the Japanese Akita. We belong to AKIHO L.A. Branch, the Lone Star Akita Club of Houston, and are founding members of the Japanese Akita Club of America (JACA) and the Heart of Texas Akita Club.

We normally breed one litter of purebred Japanese Akitas a year and then only when we are excited about what the breeding might produce. We adamantly believe [as do nearly all Akita fanciers in the world] that there are two breeds of Akitas – both impressive but definitely different - the Japanese Akita and the American Akita. We have only purebred AKIHO and JACA-registered Japanese Akitas.

Thank you for browsing through our website. We welcome questions about the Japanese Akita and inquiries about upcoming litters. Please contact us at: hyozan58@hotmail.com.